Burial Shrouds

We are born of the earth, live with this wildness of nature inside, and return to the earth at death. In life, we are not separate from the earth – we ARE the earth.

Let us return to this earthly state with the most minimal impact. The return of shrouding a person for burial is a way not only to lessen our impact on our amazing planet but also a beautiful way to honour our dead and invites us to spend precious moments with our loved-one instead of having them whisked away from sight as if they are impure or a nuisance.

It would, of course, be best to be buried in the buff, stark naked, but as that is not yet legal haha then reducing the impact is the best we can do. And we can do this together.

Your bodily components will be recycled and rebirthed, give life to rivers and streams, flora and fauna, butterflies and bees, the rain and the wind, and the seeds that ride the breeze.

I have been so very lucky to have been advised and supported in this shroud making journey by the wonderful people at Full Circle Funerals in particular David Billington who has such a wealth of knowledge on natural burials.

I hope that in creating and showcasing my hemp shrouds it sparks conversations in personal end of life wishes and inspires people to opt for a more earth friendly burial. There is no need for our planet to suffer in the event of your death.

So if you are curious and would like to find out more about my 100% hemp burial shrouds then please read on.

Why hemp?

What is a burial shroud?

Out of the Box Burial Shroud

Why Shroud?

Pricing and how to order

Shroud carriers


Why a green burial?

Credit to my daughter’s for their patient support and encouragement, David Billington from Full Circle Funerals for his invaluable advice and Vanessa White, who is very much alive and well, for helping me on my photoshoot with modelling and the use of her beautiful venue for the photoshoot at Heartfelt Ways in Huddersfield.