Pricing & How To Order

All shrouds are made to order.


Adult hemp shroud

Unprinted from £345
With eco printing from £465

Hemp carrier

Unprinted from £250

Baby shroud

Unprinted (up to a year) £90

No carrier is required – your loving arms on their final journey will be enough.

Child shroud (under 12 years) from £160

Pet shrouds also available.

All shrouds are washed and ready to use.

Please note – pricing does not include postage which will be calculated at the time of ordering.

Local, national and international orders available.

Each shroud comes neatly packaged in it’s own bag so it can be bought ahead of it’s intended use and easily stored. Not something you can easily do with a coffin! You can get it out to air once a year and even try it on for size which is actually rather fun haha.

How To Order

In the first instance email me at to discuss your requirements.

I will ask for some basic measurements (no need to be exact – an estimate will suffice as I allow plenty of room for adjustments) and, if you are willing to share, I’d love to hear about the person who the shroud is for.