What are your fees?

I offer an initial 30 minute telephone consultation at no charge plus a 1 hour follow-up home visit so you can get to meet me in-person, we can chat more about how I might be able to support you and you can make a more informed decision about whether you feel happy and confident in me taking on the role as your End of Life Doula.

Prices are dependent on your individual needs.

You will be able to book me for the duration so I can tailor a block package to suit your needs or you can book me ad hoc in which case an hourly fee will apply.

You can find more information here Doula Packages And Prices

Don’t hesitate to contact me whatever your financial situation.

What region do you work?

I am based in Marsden near Huddersfield. My in-person End of Life Doula service covers the Colne and Holme Valleys, Saddleworth and Huddersfield extending further into West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester as needed by the client. My in-person services can also be accessed further afield if things are put in place such as accommodation. I am also able to support you via video conferencing such as zoom, by telephone or email wherever you are in the world.

Is your End of Life Doula work affiliated to any religion?

No. I work in a non-denominational and multi-faith capacity.

When should I contact an End of Life Doula and can you come in to support me at any time following a terminal diagnosis?

You can make contact and start end of life discussions at any stage of life whatever your health. If you are approaching the end of your natural life or have received a life-shortening diagnosis you can bring on board a doula at any time during those last few weeks, months or years. Ultimately, the sooner contact is made the more time I have in getting to know you, your family and your individual needs putting us in a better position to plan and create the most nurturing experience for you. Equally, the more time you have in getting to know, trust and feel safe in the warmth of my support and companionship.

End of Life Planner: As an End of Life Doula I am also sought out by those looking to plan ahead for their own death regardless of their current health situation or age.

I advocate for preparing an Advance End of Life Care Plan and an Advance Decision (Living Will) BEFORE aging, becoming ill or receiving a life-shortening diagnosis much the same as you draw up a Will. It’s a real gift to loved ones as you’ve already set out your wishes for end of life care. If you become unable to communicate your wishes this plan can take the stress away from loved ones and care givers and can alleviate family arguments. This is your death – you do it your way. Preparing your Advance Care Plan can also help alleviate some of the fears about death and dying too.

Are you available to deliver talks about your role as an End of Life Doula?

Yes! It is my mission to encourage people to talk about death more openly. Fees apply.

Do you wear a uniform?

No. I come into your life in a companionship role and I want to provide a discreet service as possible.

Are you comfortable with pets about the home?

Absolutely! I’m a huge animal lover.

What if I ask for a service which is not listed on this website or you can’t provide?

I am here to help you navigate your way to the best possible care. Should you have a specific requirement feel free to ask. If it’s not something within my remit or skills I will support you with sourcing or accessing what you need. In fact, I have quite a comprehensive directory of services and people whom I can refer you to should you need or request them.

Other Services


I offer emergency and respite services as a Palliative PA/carer/companion to anyone finding themselves in need.

This might be short term on discharge from hospital or convalescence facility or when your regular support is unavailable.

The important thing is we get you to the place you wish to be cared for, and for many, that is home.

Fully insured as a PA also with an enhanced DBS

Please contact me to discuss your needs.

My meditation offerings, hugs, love, laughter and compassion are freely available in the course of your booking but if you would like to find out more about these services feel free to have a browse of my This Moment Matters website and facebook page. It might, after all, give you further insight into who I am and whether I’m the right person to support you at the end of life.

Meditation, Embodied Joy & Compassionate Touch for wellbeing

Website – www.thismomentmatters.co.uk

Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/thismomentwithnancy