Doula Services

An End of Life Doula (also known as a Death Doula, Soul Midwife or Death Walker) is a non-medical person who is there to support you and your loved ones from the time of diagnosis or as you approach the end of your natural life right through to the weeks following death.

In a similar way to how a Birth Doula supports a woman and her partner through pregnancy, childbirth and those first few weeks of parenthood an End of Life Doula supports people at the other end of life in planning and carrying out the wishes of the dying person.

We support you in harmony with and complementing the care provided by palliative and/or hospice teams whether at home, in hospice, hospital or a residential care home. We act as companions and advocates. We aim to serve not fix or rescue – to be a compassionate, quiet and grounded presence.


As an End of Life Doula I will be your trusted and calm companion, supporting you holistically – physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. This is heart-based support and each of you, your needs and your circumstances are unique and ever evolving as I ease you through the transition from life to death making it as beautiful and peace-filled as possible.

Here are some ways I can help

  • Practical Support and Companionship
  • Emotional and Spiritual Support
  • Provide respite for the caregiver or family
  • Legacy Projects
  • Advanced Decisions (Living Wills)
  • Vigil Planning and Sitting (during active dying phase)
  • End of Life Planning (Advanced Care Planning)
  • Fulfilling your after death wishes (compassionate body care, creating a gathering space for family and friends etc)
  • Exploring funeral services and providers
  • Help you to navigate the best care possible
  • I’m available for adults, young people and children at the End of Life
  • Conversation Support – Enabling and supporting you, at any stage in your life, in having in-depth conversations about death and dying and what you would like to happen in the event of a life-shortening diagnosis.
  • Remote support wherever you are in the world. Being diagnosed with a terminal or life shortening illness can feel so isolating. I am just a phone call, email or zoom call away to enable you to feel more supported, listened to and held.
  • End of Life Consultant – supporting you in planning ahead for your own death regardless of your current health status or age. We never know what tomorrow holds so it’s never too early or soon to make preparations and start conversations.

I come into your life with no preconceived ideas, no judgement and no agenda other than to love, guide and support you in your end of life experience. Meeting you exactly where you’re at and honouring your wishes. Above and beyond all the services listed above the most valuable offering that I can give you is my compassionate, grounded presence.

I work as a non-denominational, multi-faith practitioner respecting each individuals spiritual, religious, atheist or agnostic beliefs.

You can find more information on Doula Packages and Pricing here – Doula Packages and Pricing

I run a monthly End of Life Cafe – an online meet-up for people experiencing an end of life event. You don’t need to be accessing my support and companionship to participate in this meet-up – it is open and free to anyone.

It is suitable for anyone diagnosed with a life-shortening illness (also referred to as a life-limiting or terminal illness) and family or loved ones supporting those with a life-shortening illness.

End of Life Cafe is not hosted by counsellors, psychologists or medical professionals and is not intended as a place for counselling or medical advice.
It is non-denominational and multifaith.

End of Life Cafe is a place of empathy not sympathy.
A place of non-judgement, where you will receive no unwanted advice and where there are no expectations.
It will be a place of support, compassion and love.
A place to feel seen, heard, to listen and, if you wish, to share your challenges, hopes and joys.
You are not expected to share anything – it is absolutely fine if you simply wish to to be silent, perhaps just to witness and feel that you are not alone.
It will be a safe place to express laughter and tears and, indeed, any emotion that arises.
A place to be held not pitied.
It is held online via video-conferencing.
If you wish to attend please email

Do you know I also offer End of Life Doula services for your companion animals too? Trained in Navigating Pet Death by Dr Sarah Kerr from The Centre For Sacred Deathcare.