“You matter because you are and you matter to the end of your life.”
Dame Cicely Saunders

Hello. Thank you for joining me here on my website. As you’re here I expect that you have an interest in planning your end of life care or perhaps, by serendipity, you stumbled here by accident. Either way, I hope you find the information helpful and if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

I’m Nancy – an End of Life Doula and burial shroud maker. My role, as a non-medical practitioner, is to support you and your loved ones as you navigate your end of life experience. Whether you are reaching the end of your natural life, have received a life-shortening diagnosis or you would simply like to plan ahead you are welcome to explore what I have to offer.

Facing the end of your life can be a scary and yet, it can also be a deeply loving and transformative one too. I am here to empower, guide and support you in having a loving, peaceful and dignified death – to honour, to the best of my ability, your wishes for end of life care. And, in the weeks following your death, you can be assured of support for your family as they adjust to a life without your physical presence.

I am not an expert of death but an eternal student.

My service to you is to support you in finding peace of heart, mind and soul at the end of life.

I am here to walk you home.

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