Out of the Box Burial Shroud

The HELD Out of the Box Burial Shroud is made with 100% hemp fabric and lovingly sewn together with eco-friendly tencel thread.

Handmade in West Yorkshire in the beautiful village of Marsden all of the shrouds are made to order – no mass production here.

This is a shroud that envelopes you, cocoons you and, as my shroud model says, feels like you are receiving a hug. You will, in all manner of the words, be embraced by nature.

It is double-breasted providing plenty of room for adjustment and dignity.

Each shroud has 6 handles sewn in for ease of moving the body onto a carrying device (more can be added if required) and 3 wide wraps to provide a sense of being embraced rather than tied. Optional is having a full-length pocket for a backboard should you wish to use one to assist in holding the body straight and minimising sagging during moving. This can be discussed at the time of ordering or with your funeral provider.

On the printed shroud I use an eco method that is sustainable and chemical-free. I gather plant materials from my garden, those that I find in abundance in nature and those that have naturally been shed. I love to explore my creative side. The eco-print will likely fade over time which is not a problem if you will be using the shroud imminently. The beauty is that if and when it does naturally fade you can get creative once more using the abundance that nature provides. Perhaps you can set an annual ritual of airing and freshening up the design on your shroud if you intend to buy one for future use?

The unprinted, plain shroud offers you a wonderful opportunity to put your own mark and love into it. You can eco-print as I have or you can explore and experiment with other natural plant dyes and techniques. It’s literally a blank canvas ready and waiting for your creativity and inspiration.

The shroud comes in it’s own hemp bag so it’s kept neat and secure until you need it.

Once the shroud has been used the bag can easily be repurposed.
Fill it with husks, grain, leaves etc for use as a pillow inside the shroud.
You might use it to put keepsakes in – a favourite item of clothing, a mug, jewellery, letters or photos etc. Or put a cushion inside so it can be hugged when the going get’s tough.

When you order I will ask if you wish to share a little about the recipient (it could be you!) and, perhaps, a photo too.
Feel free to share with me the recipients favourite music too so I can listen to it as I work on this sacred resting cloth. I would love to sense the recipient close by as I create and to channel that into the shroud.
This beautiful shroud will be the last thing they (or you) will be dressed in. Together we can make it special.

You can place flowers, petals, letters and drawings inside or tucked into the wraps that embrace.
This shroud is humble yet beautiful.
Practical yet a piece of art.
Strong yet soft.

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