How is the shrouded person carried?
There are a few shroud carriers available including the hemp carrier made here at HELD.

The HELD Hemp Carrier
Constructed with 100% hemp canvas The Held shroud carrier is strong and robust with a full length pocket for a backboard (not supplied) should you wish to use one. I am currently exploring the most eco friendly options for this so as to avoid using wood. There are 8 handles 4 on each size for the bearers. More can be added on request. These handles are filled with shredded hemp fabric remnants to provide a more comfortable, tactile hold. A grip, I feel, that is more suited to a grieving hand. They are reinforced and go the full width on the base of the fabric.

Around the edge of the carrier is a 3 inch lip. The straps of the handles are sewn full width to provide a more sturdy and strong base to hold a body.

Strong, reinforced, supportive handles that offer a fuller, more tactile grip. The handles are filled with shredded hemp off-cuts to provide a more comfortable and comforting hold.

The front of the carrier has a central pocket running the length of the shroud to insert a backboard, should you wish to use one, to enable the body to remain straight. I’m currently exploring creating a backboard with willow or coppiced wood for a more eco-friendly approach.

Other carriers you might find are willow, wood or bamboo or, if you are creative and have the skills, why not make your own out of foraged or coppiced wood. As long as it is natural, strong and untreated for a greener option.