Why Shroud?

Over the years we have separated ourselves so far from nature and the earth at death that we have accepted the practice, without question, of being put in a box made of wood that has been pillaged only for it to be buried? To me, this seems such a waste of a glorious, life-giving tree. Nature gives so much to us during our lifetime it seems fitting that we give something back after death as opposed to taking more precious resources.

The obvious eco-credentials of shrouding in a natural fabric are a big draw to those whose have an environmentally conscious mind, and yet, the process of shrouding a loved-one is also a beautiful way to say goodbye and honour your loved-one.

The ritualistic process of washing and shrouding is not only a gift to your loved-one but also one for yourself as you process the transition of your person.

Precious moments of tender, loving care before they are taken to their final resting place.

A time to not only wrap them in fabric and tuck them safely in but wrap them in your love and tuck flowers and letters of love inside the shroud or into the wraps that hold their body in a gentle embrace.

Of course, if this process is too much for you you can always delegate it to another including your end of life doula or funeral provider. They will be as loving and gentle with your loved one as you.