Water, Life & Death

Some fascinating reflections about water.

  • Our body is roughly 60% water.
  • In some organisms water makes up 90% of their mass.
  • All parts of our body need water in order to function optimally.
  • When we die the water content of our body returns to the earth either directly through burial or as water vapour following cremation.
  • Now consider the cycle of water.
  • Travelling from the earth’s surface back into the atmosphere.
  • Falling as rain, sleet, snow or hanging in the air as fog or mist.
  • Flowing in rivers and streams.
  • Running into the sea, reservoirs, lakes and ponds.
  • Nourishing us.
  • Nourishing nature.
  • Water is life-giving.
  • Returning once again to the atmosphere.

I wonder how many life forms the water that we interact with daily has passed through?

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