Befriending Death – The Conversation

Here is the date for our next conversation in dying, death and grief – Thursday 28th January 2021 at 7.30pm on zoom. You don’t need to have the zoom app to attend.

It’s an opportunity to explore and find a way to befriend death.

Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.

I used to feel that the subject of death was taboo. Now I feel it’s simply not talked about because people are always waiting for the right moment…. but when is the right moment?

It seems people are seeking permission to start having these conversations.

The elephant in the room – yup, it can be and, I know for some people, those closest to them just aren’t ready to talk about it and that’s ok.

Accepting death, preparing for it and having open and honest conversations about it can lead to a more fulfilling life, a deepening knowledge of our self and, quite honestly, depending on what is discussed, a little excitement or intrigue about the event itself!

So, bring a brew and let’s chat.

There will be a maximum of 8 in this conversation to enable everyone to share and be heard and for it to flow.

Don’t expect it to be serious and all doom and gloom. There will likely be many inspiring words, laughter and hopefully you’ll leave with full hearts.

To book a space send me a message.

PS Remember this is not about me giving a talk. I will happily get the conversation started and keep it flowing but this isn’t about me – this is an interactive conversation with all those that attend.

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