How Can I Help? – support whilst shielding during covid-19

If you are receiving end of life care and shielding there are still ways I can support you.
My job as an end of life doula is not to swoop into your life and manage all aspects of your end of life care (unless that is what you specifically request) but to walk along this road with you, to advocate for you, to liaise, to serve and empower you and to be that support and guide for your loved ones who are by your side.
I am not here to fix or heal and I don’t have all the answers.
And if I’m unable to accompany you in-person it doesn’t mean I can’t accompany you.

But I want to reassure any of you that might need my support for end of life care that I am still here to support you despite local lockdown measures.
If you need me I will be there for you.
If I’m required in-person I will take all necessary PPE precautions to make this possible.
I can also offer remote support if that best suits you.
You don’t have to do this alone 
I am still here to help pre-plan, to listen, to hold space.
Via video chat we can discuss and write an Advanced Decision Plan (living Will).
We can discuss and make a record of an Advanced Care Plan where you have the opportunity to decide what dying well might look like for you such as where you would like to die, who would you like to be there, would you like music, singing, chants or poems, would you like any religious ceremonies or rituals. How would you like the room or space to be?
What would bring you comfort, peace and resolution?
What would you like your after death care to look like?
We can explore and put together a legacy project where you put something together that is meaningful to you to honour your life and that your loved ones can interact with and gain some comfort from. It could come in the form of a memory box, a recipe book, poems or art work, an audio cd or video, a photograph album.
My first question to you is “How can I help?”
There is no need for you to feel alone in this.
We’ll figure it out together.

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